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Why do you need a resume that’s under $100?

So, getting your first “REAL” job or changing fields isn’t as easy as you thought it was. It is one thing to look up vacancies in the classifieds and on career sites, but once you’ve sent in your application, the ball just isn’t in your court anymore… and you have no control on whether you’ll get an interview, let alone the job.

The simple truth is that though applying for a job is intimidating and holds many uncertainties, there’s actually a lot you can do to better your chances of acquiring a call back / interview and becoming a front runner for the position available.

One of the ways to better your chances for a successful job application and possibly the most important is through submitting a professional resume. The problem is that simply writing your own is not as easy as it used to be, the competition is just too great. Simply listing your qualifications, key skills and experience is not going to be enough to make an employer pay attention.

Take a minute to consider what your resume is, in reality it is a picture of who you are in a professional environment, a portrait of words that defines you as an employee. Just as supermodels pay money to have their headshots taken by a professional photographer, to make them stand out from other model’s portfolios and entertainment artists pay publicists to focus the media’s attention towards them, you need someone to help you stand out of the crowd. A professional writer is skilled at doing just that.

If you’re applying for a position at a large corporation, HR managers are used to receiving hundreds of resumes and application forms, even when they’re not hiring. Then when a position becomes available, there’s already a stack of archived documents to work through on top of the ones streaming in. Many times the person reviewing them will only read the cover letter and the first paragraph on your resume, in order to quickly narrow down the candidates and then pass the shortlisted ones on to the actual person doing the interviews. So, from the very first word you need to grab their attention.

When applying for a position at a small firm, the employer would be very selective on acquiring the right person for the job, as they don’t hire that often and needs someone that will fit in well with the core identity of company. This type of employer will look for different things than the HR manager of a large company, i.e. personality and individual strengths where as a big company would be more concerned with how efficiently you work in a team.

If you are applying for a highly acclaimed position, the need for an A-class resume is even greater, as most companies like to fill their top positions from within and you need to express the fact that you are a better candidate than an existing, trusted employee. It is important that it is well directed, well written and edited in a way that addresses the concerns of various employers. Each one will look at you from a different angle.

There are too many competitors in the job market. A lot of them have much more experience than you, thus you need to make sure you’ve done your part to get ahead and present yourself in the most professional and enticing way possible.

The benefits of hiring a writer is that they are skilled at writing to target the employers interests and present you and your skills in such a way that the employer will find necessary information quickly and within a few minutes be able to see whether you are the right person for the job.

Reading through resumes is a longsuffering task and those that are: aesthetically pleasing, concise, and well written, perform better than those that have too much content, grammatical errors, bad layout and poor execution. It is quite a skill to write a winning one, it requires a lot of talent and research on the part of the writer, as well as time and effort.

Just like you would get insurance for a new car, it is well worth the investment in your future to make use of resume writing services to “insure” your professional career profile and help you acquire the job you’re applying for. Though it can’t necessarily guarantee the job, it will surely increase your chances for success.

Being an entry-level job seeker, your finances might be tight – but you can get good quality professional ones for under a $100 even. Some even offer to include the cover letter.

Whatever you decide, remember you have one chance to make a first impression and it starts with your resume.

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