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Resume samples can be extremely useful when selecting a resume service. Most often they will have sample on their site for potential clients to view. Samples are a good reference for which to judge the talent, ability and style of writers for that particular service. You want to look for a variety of different layouts, verbiage, style, etc. Do you see one that you would be proud to call your own? If so, then you may have found the resume writing service for you. If not, keep looking. There are plenty of companies from which to choose. Don’t settle for less than perfect. Perfect for your needs and situation, that is. A company that may be “perfect’ for one job seeker can be anything but to another. The following are direct links to resume samples from a variety of companies. Enjoy your search!

Many job seekers want to see resume samples that they can garner some ideas from for their own resume. This is generally not the most beneficial thing to do. A good resume writing service will tailor-make your resume to best suit your career objectives and past experience, education and achievements. What might look like an “awesome” sample might end up not working for you in your field.

Another downfall of resume samples is that people tend to copy the sample too much and don’t add their personal information and experience. Don’t do this! An employer can tell if it’s not genuine and taken from some site or book. Make sure you make your resume speaks about you. The best thing you can do is to highlight the good parts about your career and achievements and downplay the negatives (without being deceptive).

Sometimes samples of resumes can be very cliche’. The words and phrases that are used are way overdone. If you do use samples to help draft your own resume, be cautious. Some words and phrases that used to be powerful have now lost their punch due to overuse. Use the samples as a tool to get your creativity flowing, but don’t use them blindly.


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