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Why do you need an IT resume?

As an IT professional you are worth more than ones and zeros and you need to show the corporate world that. The competition out there is great, especially since computer technology and the Internet has become the future of technology and development.

Everyone seems to be a computer programmer these days, but how do you outshine the rest of them on paper. Let’s face it, your skills are better in the math and tech department and though you know how to use the keyboard, language was probably not your favorite subject in school. When it comes to selling yourself, you’d rather build a program than write a resume. So why bother?

The truth is, because the competition is so great and the field is so technical, you need to be able to showcase exactly what you can do in a professional matter, and present your technical skills in a way that is easy to understand – because the HR manager is probably not IT trained, but knows exactly what he / she’s looking for.

By making use of an IT resume service you can acquire a professional, well-written, visually appealing document that will present your personal information and skills in a way that is technically directed towards your industry, but at the same time is able to entice the reader to employ you. It will also significantly enhance your chances for career success in the industry.

So why not just list your info on a piece of paper yourself, well you wouldn’t use a trial version of a really great program if for a few bucks you can buy the real deal. In the same way, you shouldn’t give employers a “trial version” of yourself that seems limited – if you could wow them with the “real deal” the first time round, by submitting a professional, industry related resume and make a great first impression.

The flip side of the coin is the technical skills that you have and the requirements of the position made available. As mentioned above, employers know what they want and you need to sell what they want on paper. Certain companies make use of specific programs only, or wish to see your skill level in different technical categories. A professional IT writer will be able to lay out your technical skills in the easiest way for an employer to read and in the way they would most like to see it – so that they can determine whether you are equipped for the job in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage of having a professional resume drawn up is that it will lay a strong foundation of who you are as a skilled IT professional, as well as showcase that you are respectable employee that takes your career seriously. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your skills to do the impress-work; you need to present the complete package. There are a lot of contenders out there, that takes the job application process very seriously, make sure you have the tools to reach the top of the shortlist.

If you “upgrade” your career profile, by hiring a skilled writer, you will not only improve your chances of getting the job you’re applying for, but also outshine the competition. Show them what you’re made of and level the playing field.

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