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Why do you need an executive resume?

If you already hold an executive position or wish to acquire one for the first time – you understand the value of having power.

Power gives you control and rewards you with respect. When applying for an executive position you need to show them “who’s boss”, not in an arrogant way, but if you have the skills, credentials and experience required, you can be confident that you are valuable and a worthy contender. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be applying for the position.

The problem is that the process of appointing executives is highly selective and companies take their time to carefully separate the “wheat from the chaff”. If you want to get noticed for such an esteemed position, you really have to bring your A-game to the table, that means from top to bottom you have to shine like a brand new penny: resume, cover letter, CV, profile photo, reputation, dress & look. Companies want their executive members to not just be able do their job, but sell the company’s brand identity as well. You need to sell yourself in a way that falls in-line with that identity.

Even if you already hold a top position you can’t rest on your laurels, you need to present the complete package. You need to have the power in your hands and be able to control the future of your career. By making use of executive resume writing services you can enhance your chances of acquiring that job you want and achieve your career goals.

Resume writers are able to direct your skills, credentials, experience and information towards the position your applying for and lay it out for the prospective employer in a professional yet appetizing manner. They are highly skilled researchers and writers, which know how to sell a person’s career profile in the way an employer would like to “buy” it – not only in content, but make it visually appealing as well.

As a professional in your field, running as a contender for a top executive position, you don’t have time or money to waste. Make sure you hire the best in the business and really invest in your career profile. You were probably planning on buying a new outfit for the interview or getting a hair cut, why not invest in your resume as well before you apply – the value of having such a document in your hands is really significant.

There are many professional writers that craft resumes for under $150 dollars, but if you want to become the cream of the crop you should be willing to invest in higher quality services, a lot of writers specialize in writing resumes designed for acquiring an executive position – and this is the type of resume you really want, one that will streamline your chances to reach the top of the shortlist.

If you are not applying for a new position but already hold an executive position in a good company, it will still be in your best interest to have such papers drafted and on hand. The truth is that if you work for a public company or a well-known private company your credentials may sometimes be requested for media interviews or industry related reward ceremonies, having a good quality background sketch and resume often helps to justify your position to a public audience.

Similarly, if you have been with the organization you work for, for some time and you’re applying for an internal executive position, you should also make the effort to present yourself as well on paper as they know you in person. Though companies like to fill these top positions from within the company, if a stranger have a better looking resume than you, they might rise above you in the shortlisted stack and you can’t afford to bank on the experience and reputation you’ve built up in the company.

Make sure you do everything you can to make your presence known, approach it as a new job at a new company and not just a promotion – this way you will become more passionate about beating the competition and show them a fresh perspective on yourself and your capabilities.

Take control of your career profile and be smart enough to take the time, effort and money to invest in a professional A-grade resume. You’ll understand the value once you’ve done so and hopefully, never look back.

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