The Marriage Of Social Media & The Job Search

While you may remember thumbing through the newspaper for jobs then typing up your resume and shipping it off via snail mail, now it’s customary to hop online to handle the entire process through online job banks and corporate sites. Taking advantage of this convenience is actually a rather predictable side-effect of the Internet. Finding jobs through social media, however, is a different story.

What is Social Media?

If you’ve heard of blogging, virtual hubs, and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter then you’re already familiar with social media. In general, it’s a way for people to meet online, share information and socialize.

However, in recent times, applicants have been using social media to network with employers, a luxury the traditional job search could not so easily provide. Also, we see employers using social media to seek and snag employees, as well as conduct background “bar-hopper” checks on sites like Myspace.

How Social Media Helps Applicants Connect with Employers

There are a number of ways that applicants use social media to connect with employers. For example, they can:

• Use a Social Network’s Profile Space. By using profile spaces like those found on LinkedIn to build a professional page, applicants can showcase work history, background, and even professional recommendations.

• Network with Employees. Search engines like Google offer applicants the ability to track down and network with employees who already work at the companies they’re interested in.

• Connect with Recruiters. Applicants can use sites like Twitter to “follow” recruiters and even communicate with them directly to stay abreast of job opportunities.

• Upload Video Resumes. By creating and uploading video resumes on YouTube, applicants can share background information while describing their ability to contribute to a position.

As you can imagine, we’ve only seen the beginning of the possibilities inherent in social media and job searches. Creative applicants will likely inspire greater innovation from social media creators. In the meantime, however, it’s good to take advantage of the opportunities available to help elevate your name to the top of the virtual job stack.

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