BLS Report Shows Some Indication of Job Growth Slowdown

(National – January 2006) According to some indications from recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports, individuals who are or may be seeking jobs should prepare themselves now in order to successfully secure their ideal job.

The BLS recently published the December 2005 Employment Situation Analysis and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) 2006-07 edition. The situation analysis showed unemployment remained steady throughout the fourth quarter of 2005, which gave economic forecasters optimism for the 2006 employment atmosphere. In the meantime, the OOH showed a slower rate of growth than the 2004 – 05 report for some jobs.

For example, the previous report showed an increase in Medical Assistant jobs increasing by 215,000 by 2012 due to the aging boomer generation. The recent report showed new jobs by 2014 at 202,000 for the position that requires moderate on-the-job training and pays an average of $25,860 per year.

The labor and job markets are constantly fluctuating, and individuals who are or may be seeking jobs always need to be prepared for hiring slumps. The best tool that one can arm him or herself with is an exceptional resume, but that is not the only tool that will make one applicant stand out in a sea of job hunters. “Job seekers need to have excellent resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters,” says Heather Eagar, Owner and Creator of, an online resource hub for job seekers.

“Most importantly, job hunters need to be confident in themselves and their career choice,” says Eagar. “Interviewers are trained to read people, and if the applicant isn’t personally confident, it will show.” Eagar suggests that individuals seeking new jobs first complete an assessment to ensure that he or she is targeting the right career field. After the appropriate job field is identified, then Eagar suggests that individuals compose a resume and other communication tools, learn how to successfully perform job hunting research, and brush up on their interview skills.

“I lead job seekers through a free seven day job search e-course, and the results are amazing,” says Eagar. “When an applicant is really prepared for and confident in the job search process, it makes getting a job easier.”

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