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Why do you need a CV?

The difference between a CV and a resume can really get confusing at times, especially since they seem to serve the same purpose – but when do you use which one? And what is the difference really?

Well off the cuff, the biggest difference between the two is by far the length. A resume is almost never more than two pages and a CV is generally more than two pages long. But what goes into these pages is what establishes the differences between the

A resume is a summary of your skills, personal info and academic qualifications. It is meant to be concise and has to read quickly and easily. A curriculum vitae also lists your personal info, skills and qualifications but digs a little deeper into your academic background and additional achievements such as honors, awards, publications, etc.

In most foreign countries especially regions such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the majority of companies require you to submit a CV and not a resume, as they don’t generally deal with resumes at all. In some instances, they won’t even be familiar with a resume and see it as incomplete. Thus if you wish to apply for a position abroad you should definitely make use of the services of a professional writer.

In the United States you would generally only require a curriculum vitae when applying for an academic, scientific or research position or if you are applying for a grant or fellowship. Investors and academic institutions often don’t take you seriously if you don’t have a professional document that showcases your academic achievements – especially if your academic achievements outweigh your experience.

If you are not applying for a job in any of the countries mentioned above, nor in any of the fields listed, then all you really need is a good resume. But frankly speaking, that doesn’t mean that you should bank on your own writing skills. Times have changed. In the tough economic times we’re facing you really need to present a top class CV to standout from the crowd and professional writers know exactly what employers want to see and how they like to read it. Thus, it will be in your best interest to make use of their services.

Writing a winning curriculum vitae is a skill perfected over time and requires quality academic writing skills, research, time and experience on the part of the writer. For a very reasonable price you can acquire a professional one that has the power to not only promote you as a potential employee, but also significantly improve your chances of acquiring the position you are applying for.

Make sure you have the right documents for the position you are applying for and ensure they are professional, well written and visually strong, by making use of professional CV writing services.

It’s definitely worth it if you consider you are investing in your future, enhancing your career profile and improving your chances for success.

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