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Choosing a resume writing format can be difficult unless an individual has an understanding of the different types of resume formats that are used. Using the right format for a resume can determine how effective the resume will be at catching the eye of a potential employer so that the resume will result in an interview. Resume writing formats can range from quite simple to complex resumes that contain everything about an individual’s qualifications right down to the smallest details. The three most common types of resume writing formats are chronological resumes, functional resumes and combined resumes.

The chronological resume is considered to be a traditional type of resume. The chronological resume writing format relies heavily on the experience of the job applicant and each previous position that has been held is listed at the beginning of the resume. A chronological resume often has a statement stating any goal that is intended and attainable in a new position. People often choose the chronological resume writing format if they are simply changing positions from one position to a similar one or in conventional fields. Many individuals applying for law or teaching positions use the chronological resume writing format as well.

The functional resume writing format spotlights an individual’s outstanding skills and achievements. Functional resumes point out to a potential employer how it will benefit his or her company by hiring an individual rather than using an itemized demonstration. The functional resume writing format is ideal for those who are looking to begin working in a new field by presenting the significant skills and qualifications acquired from previous positions. Individuals who are looking to change careers, are recent graduates or those who have careers that branch out in many directions benefit from the functional resume writing format.

A combined resume writing format contains components of both the chronological and functional resume writing formats. The combined resume writing format can maximize the advantages of the chronological and functional resume format depending on the needs of the applicant. The most common combination resume writing formats will begin with a detailing of practical skills and relevant qualifications succeeded by a reversed chronological employment history. The combined resume writing format is popular because it allows an applicant to directly showcase their best qualifications as well as offering the employment timeline that is often required by potential employers. New graduates, current students, individuals who have been out of work for some time and anyone who has a reliable and stable employment history can benefit from the combination resume writing format.

While there is no truly correct resume writing format, different resume types are better received for different situations and should be chosen accordingly. Any resume writing format should be consistent throughout and free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Professional resume writing services are experts at choosing the right format for your situation.

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