Interview preparation can mean the difference between a good interview and a great interview. You don’t want to give up the opportunity to really set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates. It’s your time to shine…

Do Your Research

The best way to be prepared for an interview is to do as much background research as possible on a potential employer. Many employers will ask candidates what they know about their company and why an applicant would want to work with them. Interview preparation prepares a candidate with the kind of information that can provide reciprocal conversation to give one person an edge over another. Many places of employment have their own web site and most interview preparation can be done from there.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The expression ‘practice makes perfect’ applies to interview preparation and can increase how prepared and professional a candidate comes across. Practicing an interview with a friend or relative can help an individual target their strengths and weaknesses for a well-balanced and carefully considered interview. Research and review of frequently asked interview questions for interview preparation can also be used in a practice interview so that each answer can become more genuine and personalized.

Be Prompt & Courteous

Interview preparation should include planning on arriving for an interview at least ten to fifteen minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin. If a candidate is going to an interview in a building or area that he or she is not familiar with, he or she should make a trip to the location so that there isn’t a chance of becoming lost on the day of the interview. When an interview is scheduled, find out what the name is of the person doing the interview and use it throughout the interview process. Having an extra resume handy for reference during an interview is a good idea to show that a candidate plans ahead and is prepared.

Finish It Off

In any interview preparation, prepare to end the interview by thanking the interviewer. A personal thank you note after an interview is often a nice touch and can go a long way when it comes to candidate consideration.

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