By Heather Eagar

Interview advice is available from just about everywhere and everyone. A good piece of advice is about the kind of attitude to have when going on an interview. It can be seen as an opportunity instead of a trial, which is what most people feel that they are on when they are being interviewed for any job position. It is as much of an opportunity for a potential employer to discover what a candidate has to offer their company as well as what the company can offer the candidate. Just as it is expected that an employer will ask questions, be prepared to ask your own questions during the interview. Asking questions shows that you are interested in their company and have put thought into becoming an employee.

Another piece of advice that is not often thought of is to do research on the company that is considering your application or resume. Many company web sites feature a lot of the information a candidate might want to know. Showing an interest in the company and having some common knowledge to allow for intelligent conversation is a great way to make a lasting impression.

Being aware of exactly what a specific position demands and the kind of skills that are needed in order to perform the job well can allow you to use specific examples of how you might personally tackle tasks and difficulties that may arise. Some people say to always begin with ‘be prepared’ and knowledgeable about the position and act excited about the opportunity.

Appearance is something that is always addressed whenever someone gives interview advice. A professional and organized look leaves an attractive and likable impression. When the time comes, be thoughtful, speak clearly, remain spirited about the position and appear confident yet not aloof.

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