By Heather Eagar

Check out some cover letter samples

The initial contact with a potential employer usually is comprised of a cover letter and a resume, but many people don’t know how to write a resume cover letter that complements their resume. The resume is usually a basic description about an applicant including their education, skills and achievements. The cover letter is the perfect opportunity for an individual to specifically address the reasons why a potential employer might want to consider an individual for a particular job position.

A mistake many individuals make is to send a simple, generic cover letter along with each resume. The applicant needs to understand that a potential employer will use both documents in order to learn what they need to know about a potential employee. The entire package presented to a potential employer should be composed in such a way as to help make a decision about whether or not to grant the applicant an interview. Keeping that goal in mind can help direct the individual composing the cover letter to captivate the reader and compel him or her to move on to read through the entire resume.

The first thing to learn is that the cover letter gives the job seeker a unique opportunity to introduce him or herself before actually meeting in person. It should demonstrate some personality, display a keen eye for detail, the ability to communicate well through writing, a strong interest in working with a company and the precise reason the company you are applying to interests you why you should interest them.

It is important to note that addressing each cover letter so that it is personalized for each position being apply for will show both respect and initiative when taking the extra time to ensure the application ends up in the right hands. They are completed in paragraph form and should remain in a professional yet conversational tone.

A number of tools are available including books, software and online resume services. When making a first impression and learning how to write a resume cover letter, the extra time and money could be a wise investment to ensure your job search success.

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