By Heather Eagar

Check out a sample cover letter with salary requirements

Most professional job postings request that a resume or cover letter with salary requirement be submitted when applying for the position. Often, in addition a history of previous salaries will be asked for as well. The first rule is that if the job posting or advertisement does not ask for salary information, do not provide any. All salary information is best broached by the potential employer at his or her chosen time.

Salary requirements are commonly requested by potential employers for a number of reasons. Ones they are too high for a particular position will often be discarded due to the fact that the employer won’t pay that kind of money for a position or they simply won’t bother offering someone less pay than required in a cover letter. If they are less than an employer was planning on paying for a particular position, he or she will most likely offer a lower salary. The worst thing a job applicant can do is to disregard a request. Most employers will not grant interviews to applicants who do not follow instructions and include all of the information that has been requested.

It can be a daunting task for many, as they do not want to risk being eliminated from consideration for a job position because they asked for too much money. Others would like to make the maximum amount of money for a position and don’t want to submit a salary requirement that is lower than it could have been. Job seekers can always propose a range based on what similar positions are paying. Another way to express flexibility is to state that an individual’s salary requirements are flexible based on the complete compensation package the company can offer including benefits.

Thorough research in regards to what a particular position is worth will help make a cover letter salary requirement realistic and attainable. A great way to go about exploring ranges for different positions is to access salary survey information for the specific position that is being applied for. When all else fails, make sure you convey that you are clearly flexible when it comes to salary negotiations.

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